1 round partisipants

Information for participants:

1. At registration, participants should provide:
a) Copies of music sheets of compositions to be performed (except compulsory pieces)

2. Admission fee – 100 Euro. 
The payment of the admission fee will be made upon the  participant's arrival.

3. Performance of participants in nomination «Woodwind  instruments» category A in 3 round are accompanied with piano.

According to the results of the qualifying round,  the following participants are allowed to participate in the first round of the competition:

Nomination  «Woodwind instruments
Category «»

1.      Sofia Atamanova                       Russia, Chelyabinsk
2.      Alexandr Lokshin                   Russia, Saint - Petersburg
3.      Alexandr Salomatina               Russia, Chelyabinsk
4.      Alexandr Spiridonov              Russia, Chelyabinsk
5.      Anna Klemenok                         Russia, Saint - Petersburg
6.      Elizabeth Volkova                     Russia, Moscow
7.      Gao Xinping                              China, Beijing
8.      Li Xinyu                                     China, Beijing
9.      Maria Popova                            Russia, Saint - Petersburg
10.    Michael Kaploukhiy                    Russia, Moscow
11.    Migle Astrauskaite                    Lithuania, Vilnius
12.    Milan Yunataeva                     Russia, Moscow
13.    Peter Khudonogov                    Russia, Krasnoyarsk
14.    Qin Ruitong                               China, Beijing
15.    Sofia Morozova                         Russia, Ekaterinburg
16.    Varvara Shatalnikova                Russia, Saint - Petersburg


1.    Alexandr Kuznetsov                 Russia, Saint - Petersburg
2.    Ataki Gulin                                    Turkey, Istanbul
3.    Dmitry Parechin                            Russia, Moscow
4.    Leonid Melnikov                           Russia, Saint - Petersburg
5.    Leonid Surkov                              Russia, Moscow
6.    Li Zhilin                                        China, Beijing
7.    Lin Zhihong                                  China, Beijing
8.    Nikita Vorobyov                           Russia, Ryazan
9.    Ruan Boyi                                    China, Beijing
10.    Shi Aicheng                                China, Beijing
11.    Timothy Yakhnov                       Russia, Saint - Petersburg
12.    Valeria Alesyuk                          Republic of Belarus, Minsk
13.    Varvara Petrova                        Russia, Moscow
14.    Yang Chenxiao                          China, Beijing
15.    Zhang Jingyu                             China, Beijing
16.    Zhuo Qinyu                               China, Beijing

1.    Alexei Kolesnikov                        Russia, Saint – Petersburg
2.    Alexander Bersenyev                  Russia, Saint – Petersburg
3.    Cao Zhanyu                                China, Beijing
4.    Cetin Utku                                  Turkey, Istanbul
5.    Elizabeth Lebedeva                    Germany, Weimar
6.    Gevork Sarkisyants                     Russia, Saint - Petersburg
7.    Nikita Strelkov                             Russia, Saint - Petersburg
8.    Sofia Kaliyanurova                      Russia, Saint - Petersburg
9.    Valentin Semelenov                    Republic of Belarus, Minsk
10.    Xue Tianfeng                            China, Beijing
11.    Zheng Lirui                               China, Beijing
12.    Zheng Yuxin                             China, Beijing
13.    Zou Huibin                                China, Beijing


1.    Anna Zhikulina                            Russia, Saint - Petersburg
2.    Daniel Krasnov                           Russia, Saint - Petersburg
3.    Ilya Bondarevich                         Republic of Belarus, Minsk
4.    Mitev Luka                                  Slovenia
5.    Stanislava Mikhailovskaya          Russia, Saint - Petersburg
6.    Sun Yuanhong                              China, Beijing
7.    Wan Liyang                                China, Beijing
8.    Wang Jingyan                             China, Beijing

Nomination  «Woodwind instruments
Category «»

1.    Adelina Taziyeva                        Russia, Naberezhnye Chelny
2.    Alena Taran                               Russia, Moscow
3.    Alexandra Obnorskaya              Russia, Yaroslavl
4.    Andrey Kryvenko                       Russia, Kaliningrad
5.    Cao Huimei                                China, Beijing
6.    Chi Yushan                                China, Beijing
7.    Dilara Taziyeva                          Russia, Saint - Petersburg
8.    Fedor Chernyshev                     Russia, Saint - Petersburg
9.    Fedor Kalashnov                        Russia, Moscow
10.    Liu Sijing                                 China, Beijing
11.    Marina Filonich                         Russia, Saint - Petersburg
12.    Natalia Kasyanenko                 Russia, Saint - Petersburg
13.    Nicholay Donskoy                     Russia, Moscow
14.    Nina Zhilkina                            Russia, Saint - Petersburg
15.    Paulasto Tuulikki                      Finland, Helsinki
16.    Polina Batalina                         Russia, Saint - Petersburg
17.    Yana Chetverikova                  Russia, Krasnodar


1.    Alexander Korepanov                Russia, Ekaterinburg
2.    Boris Akishin                              Russia, Moscow
3.    Guo Yu                                       China, Beijing
4.    Hu Zeen                                     China, Beijing
5.    Li Mingyue                                  China, Beijing
6.    Mikhail Shimorin                         Russia, Saint-Petersburg
7.    Su Zichao                                   China, Beijing
8.    Tang Shan                                 China, Beijing
9.    Wang Yuelin                              China, Beijing
10.    Zheng Dian                              China, Beijing

1.    Alexander Reimers                    Russia, Moscow
2.    Bakhtiar Dooranov                    Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek
3.    Damir Valiev                              Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek
4.    Karen Asatryan                         Russia, Moscow
5.    Liu an                                     China, Beijing
6.    Nicholi Mishchenko                    Republic of Belarus, Minsk
7.    Nikolai Larin                              Russia, Moscow
8.    Roman Mamin                            Russia, Saint-Petersburg
9.    Shen Tianyi                               China, Beijing
10.  Yu Huijing                               China, Beijing


1.    Aleksey Levin                            Republic of Belarus, Minsk
2.    Alexander Kleimenov                Russia, Saint - Petersburg
3.    George Radzevich                     Russia, Saint - Petersburg
4.    Julia Shekmar                            Russia, Saint - Petersburg
5.    Kirill Lashevich                          Russia, Moscow
6.    Liu Rui                                      China, Beijing
7.    Mitev Mihael                             Slovenia, Ljubljana
8.    NeJa Somun                             Slovenia, Ljubljana

Nomination  «Brass wind instruments»

French horn

1.    Alexei  Kulbeda                         Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2.    Yegor Faustov                          Saint-Petersburg, Russia
3.    Vasily Fedotov                          Saint-Petersburg, Russia
4.    Zeng Yun                                  Beijing, China
5.    Qiao Shichao                            Beijing, China
6.    Li Xiang                                    Beijing, China
7.    Liu Yang                                   Beijing, China
8.    Miao Shangchen                       Beijing, China
9.    Ilya Leontiev                            Saint-Petersburg, Russia


1.      Svetlana Astashkina              Moscow, Russia
2.      Stepan Bacevic                      Orel, Russia
3.      Paul Bokiy                              Mozhaysk,  Russia
4.      Petr Dolinin                            Moscow, Russia
5.      Dmitry Koinov                         Molodechno,  Belarus
6.      Dmitry Lyudinovskiy               Saint-Petersburg, Russia
7.      Ivan Markov                           Moscow, Russia
8.      Alexander Ramazanov           Moscow, Russia
9.      Yuri Ratnikov                          Moscow, Russia
10.    Maxim Ambartsumian             Saint-Petersburg, Russia
11.    Alexey Ivanov                        Saint-Petersburg, Russia
12.    Nikolay Markov                      Saint-Petersburg, Russia
13.    Alexey Shust                          Moscow, Russia
14.    Timur Sakhapov                     Moscow, Russia
15.    Nikolay Vinter                        Moscow, Russia
16.    Vyacheslav Koren'kov            Belgorod, Russia
17.    Andrey Kolesnik                     Belgorod, Russia
18.    Lu Yuyang                              Beijing, China
19.    Yuan Haoshun                       Beijing, China
20.    Shen Junlin                            Beijing, China


1.    Michael Vinnitsky                     Orel, Russia
2.    Nikolay Dudenkov                    Moscow, Russia
3.    Alexander Lagutin                   Krasnoyarsk,  Russia
4.    Mustafa Khalilov                      Baku, Azerbaijan


1.    Bogdan Bushuyev                   Krasnodar,  Russia
2.    Gleb Korchagin                       Saint-Petersburg, Russia
3.    Alexey Pestov                         Saint-Petersburg, Russia
4.    David Dzedik                          Saint-Petersburg, Russia
5.    Liu Xianhua                            Beijing, China

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