Regulations for competition


Member of European Union of Musical Competitions for youth - EMCY
Member of Association of Musical Competitions of Russia.

Russia, Saint-Petersburg
7 - 14 November, 2016

Committee for Culture under Government of St. Petersburg
Administration of Moskovsky District of St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg School of Arts for Children named after E. A. Mravinsky
Association of Music Competitions of Russia
European Union of Music Competitions for Youth (EMCY)

1. The competition is held in 2 nominations: «Violin-viola» and «cello».
2. Age of the participants - up to 21 years old inclusive.
The participants are split into two age groups:
category «» - 11-15 years old, category «»: 16-21 years old. In the speciality «viola» - one age group «»: 16-21 years old.
The age group of a participant is fixed as of 7 November, 2016.
3. The competition is preceded by selective audition on DVD.
4. The competition is held in three rounds. The first and second rounds - performance of solo programmes, the third round - performance with the orchestra.
5. The sequence of participants' performance is set by the draw. A contestant takes part in the draw in person. If necessary, the Organising Committee provides a highly- qualified concertmaster to a participant of the competition.
6. The competition is held in the Concert Hall of School of Arts for Children named after E.A. Mravinsky. The hall hosts 430 persons.
The award of prizes and the closing concert is held in the Grand Hall of Academic Philharmonic Society named after D. Shostakovich.
7. Not more than 50% participants of the first round are admitted to the second round. Not more than 5 participants for each nomination are admitted to the third round.
8. The winners of the competition who took I-III places are awarded the title of «Laureate» with award of diploma.
The participants of the competition who took IV and V places are awarded the title of «Award-winner» with award of diploma.
The teachers and concertmasters who have coached the Laureates and Award-winners are awarded with diplomas and appreciation deeds respectively.
9. The winners take place in the concluding concert of prize winners.
The Organising Committee reserves the right to transmit the competition auditions and concerts on television and radio, to recording and distribution of audio- and video materials of the competition without any additional royalty.
10. Admission fee - 5000 rubles.The payment of the admission fee will be made upon the participant's arrival.


1. In order to take part in the competition one shall send the following documents to the Organising Committee before 1 June, 2016 (the date is verified as affixed in the postal stamp):
a) completed application;
b) copy of certificate of birth of passport;
c) DVD with recording of two compositions selected by the participant (note: these compositions may not be part of the competition programme);
d) photo of participant of the competition for the booklet.
e) The competition fee for the foreign participants can be paid after the arrival.

2. The list of competition participants of the 1st round will be published on the site of the competition before 1 September, 2016.


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