1 round partisipants

The organizing committee informs the participants of the X INTERNATIONAL YOUTH COMPETITION IN MEMORY OF E.A. MRAVINSKY

1. The registration
At registration, participants should provide:
Copies of music sheets of compositions to be performed (except compulsory pieces)

2. The accommodation
The Organising Committee renders assistance in getting Russian entry visas, booking rooms in hotels of different categories for the participants and accompanying persons by preliminary agreement.
Application for accomodation on-line

3. Performance of participants in category A in 3 round are accompanied with piano.

According to the results of the qualifying round, the following participants are allowed to participate in the first round of the competition:


Nomination «Violin - viola»
Category «» Violin

1. Abramov Valery Russia, Barnaul
2. Andreev Nikita Russia, Saint - Petersburg
3. Akhmedov Iskandarian Russia, Moscow
4. Besarab Konstantin Russia, Saint - Petersburg
5. Bessonov Daniil Russia, Saint - Petersburg
6. Blinkova Ekaterina Belarus, Minsk
7. Bogomaz Bogdan Russia, Saint - Petersburg
8. Kazakova Sofia Russia, Saint - Petersburg
9. Mangos Elizaveta Russia, Saint - Petersburg
10. Manza Daria Russia, Krasnoyarsk
11. Nechiporenko Sophia Russia, Saint - Petersburg
12. Planickova Yulia Russia, Saint - Petersburg
13. Rakhmatullin Sultan Russia, Moscow
14. Rodionova Tamara Russia, Saint - Petersburg
15. Sanatulova Polina Russia, Krasnogorsk
16. Serebryakov Stepan Russia, Saint - Petersburg
17. Seselkina Elizaveta Russia, Moscow
18. Smirnov Ivan Russia, Saint - Petersburg
19. Ten Ruth Russia, Saint - Petersburg
20. Farrakhova Maria Russia, Saint - Petersburg
21. Fedyuk Tatiana Russia, Saint - Petersburg


Category «» Violin

1. Aseev Eugene Russia, Rostov-on-Don
2. Beschastnykh Marina Russia, Saint - Petersburg
3. Brown Eva Russia, Novosibirsk
4. Volosnova Anastasia Russia, Feodosiya, Crimea
5. Ginz Marguerite Russia, Degtyarsk, Sverdlovskaya oblast
6. Guo Shuai Dai China
7. Danilevsky Vladimir Russia, Saint - Petersburg
8. Devutskaya Sophia Russia, Voronezh
9. Zmushko Philip Belarus
10. Ibanez Resan Adrian Spain
11. Nurlybek Abylai Kazakhstan
12. Perelevsky Liliya Russia, Rostov-on-Don
13. Pitirimova Maria Russia, Saint - Petersburg
14. Rodina Irina Russia, Saint - Petersburg
15. Satylganova Karina Kazakhstan
16. Sidoruk Olga Belarus
17. Stopichev Dmitry Russia, Saint - Petersburg
18. Handler Laura Catherina Germany
19. Chiodo Raffaello Finland

Category «» viola

1. He Qin China,Shanghai
2. Arsent'ev Artem Russia, Ivanovo
3. Balkhash Nina Russia, Togliatti
4. Jukoff Stefania Russia, Saint - Petersburg
5. Wang Shuhan China
6. Tang Guohan China
7. Ilichev Pavel Russia, Ivanovo
8. Hlevnaya Alena Ukraine
9. Tatarinov Alexander Russia, Moscow

According to the results of the qualifying round, the following participants are allowed to participate in the first round of the competition:

Nomination «Cello»
Category «»

1. Akchurin Maxim Russia, Saint-Petersburg
2. Veselkov Nicholas Russia, Zhukovsky, Moscow oblast
3. Efremov Bogdan Russia, Saint-Petersburg
4. Zhanybekov Seit Kazakhstan, Almaty
5. Zimin Daniil Russia, Moscow
6. Levitin Fedor Russia, Saint-Petersburg
7. Meng Shengyu China, Shanghai
8. Nurtdinova Alice Russia, Saint-Petersburg
9. Bobkov Artemiy Russia, Moscow

Category «»

1. Abdubakas Aybolat Kazakhstan, Almaty
2. Bazaleva Catherine Russia, Saint-Petersburg
3. Bok Yul Ji South Korea, Seoul
4. Volkov Seraphim Russia, Saint-Petersburg
5. Volodin Dmitry Russia, Sovetsk, Tula oblast
6. Guseva Zoya Russia, Saint-Petersburg
7. Denisenko Andrey Russia, Nizhny Novgorod
8. Izmailov Ilya Russia, Saint-Petersburg
9. Kazankina Christina Russia, Saint-Petersburg
10. Kalyuzhnaya Darya Russia, Saint-Petersburg
11. Chiodo Leonardo Finland - Italy, Helsinki
12. Kostiuk Anna Lucia Russia, Saint-Petersburg
13. Mikhaylov Ilya Russia, Moscow
14. Nikolskiy Eugene Russia, Saint-Petersburg
15. Orlov Vladimir Russia, Saint-Petersburg
16. Serdyukov Alexander Belarus, Minsk
17. Sidoruk Gleb Belarus, Minsk
18. Funtikova Lyudmila Russia, Cheboksary
19. Chesnih Anna Russia, Saint-Petersburg
20. Shatalova Tamara Russia, Saint-Petersburg
21. Shumikhina Yulia Russia, Saint-Petersburg


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