Regulations for competition

VII international youth competition named after E.A. Mravinsky.

Member of European Union of Musical Competitions for youth - ENCY
Member of Association of Musical Competitions of Russia.

Russia, Saint-Petersburg
24 October - 2 November, 2010

Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation
Committee on Culture of the Government of Saint-Petersburg
Administration of Moscow district of Saint-Petersburg
Saint-Petersburg Children Arts School named after E.A. Mravinskiy

Saint-Petersburg Children Arts School named after E.A. Mravinskiy
196070, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Varshavskaya Street, 44

(812) 388 4806, (812) 387 4485, (812) 388 6485
e-mail: mrav@mail.wplus.net
url: www.mravinsky.ru

Holding of competition

1. VII International Youth Competition named after E.A. Mravinsky is held in Saint-Petersburg from October 24th till  November  2th, 2010.
2. Competition is held on two specialties: wooden winds, brass winds.
In nomination "wood winds" - two age categories:
* category "A": till 16 years inclusively
* category "B": 17-21 years inclusively.
In nomination "brass winds" - one group - till 21 years inclusively.
The age of participant is determined for the day of the beginning of competition -October 24, 2010.
3. The order of performance is determined by drawing. Participant takes part in the drawing personally.
4. The competition is preceded by selective audition of videocassettes or CDs.
Recording of two compositions on participant's choice is presented for selective audition. Note: these compositions may not be performed during competition.
5. There will be three tours. The third tour - performance with the orchestra.
6. No more than a half of first tour participants is allowed for the II tour.
7. No more than 5 participants of each specialty: wood winds and brass winds, are allowed for the participation in III tour.
8. The competition is held in Concert Hall of Children Arts School named after E.A. Mravinsky.
There are 430 seats in the hall.
Prize distribution and final concert of winners will be held on November 2 2010 in the hall of State Academic Chapel of Saint-Petersburg.
9. The winners of the competition who takes I-III places will get the title "Laureate" with diploma award.
Competition participants who take IV-V places will get the title "Diplomat" with diploma award.
Teachers and concertmasters who prepared Laureates and Diplomats will receive diplomas and certificates.
9. The prize fund is equal to 10 000 Euro.
10. Admission fee of participant equals to 80 Euro (for the citizens of Russia - in rubles at the rate of CB of Russia for the day of sending).


1. The application with the recording of performance should be sent no late than June 1, 2010. The date of sending is determined by postal stamp.
2. The application should include:
- photo of participant (10X15) for booklet;
- copy of birth certificate or passport;
- copy of invoice document confirming the transfer of money in the amount equal to 50% from admission fee.
3. Address for the transfer of admission fee: 196070, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Varshavskaya Street, 44. Children Arts School named after E.A. Mravinsky.
Secretariat of the competition, to Mrs. Gerasina Tatiana Ivanovna.
Transfer of admission fee from foreign participant should be made through WESTERN UNION.
Applicants will not be allowed for participation in the elective tour without admission fee paid. Admission fee will not be returned in case if applicant fails to pass the elective tour.
4. Declared program should strictly comply with the order of performance during the competition: transfer of compositions from one tour to another, substitution or repetition is not permitted.

Organizational committee and jury of competition

1. For preparation of competition Organizational Committee is created, it consists from City Administration, Committee on Culture of Saint-Petersburg, Arts School named after E.A. Mravinsky, men of culture and general public of the city.
2. Two forms of jury will estimate participant's performance - one for each specialty. Famous Russian and foreign musicians are the members of jury.

Dwelling and cultural program

1. Participants or their organizations bear all costs connected with participating in the competition.
2. Organizational Committee will assist in receiving Russian entry visas, reservation of rooms in hotels of different types for the participants and accompanying persons in accordance with prior agreement.
3. Participants will have the possibility to get private classes in school during the competition.
4. Participants and guests of the competition will visit the best museums and theatres of Saint-Petersburg - one of the most beautiful cities in the world.




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