Charity fund

Charity Fund for support and development of young talents "Cultural Project"

Goals of the Charity fund

  •  support and development of musical and artistic education of the young generation;
  • search and promotion of young talented musicians;
  •  providing due conditions for artistic creativity and innovation;
  •  support of creative actions aimed at strengthening of international cultural exchange;
  •  preservation and popularization of national cultural heritage;
  •  strengthening and development of the best traditions in the Russian system of education in the sphere of culture.


  •  organization and regular holding of the International youth competition in memory of E.A. Mravinsky;
  •  organizing and holding competitions and festivals for children and young people;
  •  organizing and holding master classes, concerts and exhibitions;
  •  search and support of gifted children and talented young people;
  •  organizing and holding creative projects in the sphere of music and art;
  •  development and strengthening of the material/technical base of educational institutions of culture;
  •  creation and classification of video and audio archives;
  •  establishment of scholarships and grants for talented and creative young people;
  •  cooperation with international music organizations and foundations to support talented young musicians;
  •  development and implementation of innovative technologies (creation of database of gifted young performers);
  •  support of creative actions aimed at strengthening the international cultural exchange.

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