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Support of talented young artistes

In 2007, a large-scale public project to support talented young artistes - premium national project "Education"- has been launched in Russia.

 Participation of the talented and prospective young artistes in this national project is viewed by the state as future major factor and the incentive resource for the society's development and success. This is the priority goal of the national project "Education".

Selection of the talented young artistes is done in the five categories:
-socially-significant and public activities;
- scientific-technical creativity, teaching and research activities;
- professional skills;
- artistic creation;
- amateur sport

International Youth Contest named after E.A. Mravinsky has been included in the range of activities planned within the framework of finding the talented young artistes - winners of the priority national project "Education".
Nine winners of the International Youth Contest named after E.A. Mravinsky have become the nominees of the priority national project "Education" in the field of art.


Alexey Lobikov, trombone

Alexey Nikiforov, trumpet

Oleg Skrotsky, horn

Yuri Radzevich, bassoon

Vasily Dmitriev, oboe


Dmitry Serebrennikov, violin

Polina Bolotova, violin

Alexey Zhilin, cello

Dmitry Ganenko, cello


Oleg Skrotsky, horn

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